Yes, there is such a thing as an infant/toddler curriculum! In addition to maintaining the health and safety of your child, our infant/toddler staff will also be planning routines and curriculum for your child. As in the Academy preschool, staff of our infant/toddler program will plan a curriculum based on fostering the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of the children. The infant/toddler staff will be watching your child’s development and looking for the many milestones that will occur during the year. To foster communication, our staff and young children use sign language to communicate with one another.

Our classroom environment is the starting point for an infant/toddler curriculum. The environment includes a mirror they can watch themselves in, many sensory games and materials, crawling areas, dramatic play equipment, etc. Examples of activities for infants/toddlers include: helping them to track objects, reading books, singing songs, using puppets, imitating sounds, uncovering a hidden toy, banging objects together, balancing/standing, and reaching out to grasp objects.