Welcome to the Academy of Early Childhood Learning, Columbia’s premier preschool! Our goal is to provide your child with high-quality, educational, and nurturing care. We have developed a curriculum with a scope and sequence, beginning with 6 weeks and continuing through Kindergarten entry. We also have an after school program where we teach children up to 12 years old. Our evidence-based curriculum is rooted in research, practice, and input from many renowned early childhood professionals. Academy teachers generate each lesson using a blend of the Creative Curriculum framework as well as our own uniquely developed set of standards, and each lesson plan is designed with the help of our on-site Educational Administrator.

At the Academy, your child’s daily activities will provide him/her with the opportunity to gain practice in all areas of development. We use developmentally appropriate practice techniques to ensure each child is making strides in his/her cognitive, linguistic, fine motor, gross motor, social-emotional, and self-regulatory growth. Additionally, our students will be exposed to foreign language, free-motion dance, STEM, and music instruction. Our goal is to aid our students in developing skills that will build their self-esteem and prepare them to be confident, well-rounded individuals as they enter Kindergarten.

We make it our mission to treat each child with respect and love, and we work tirelessly every day to provide a positive learning environment for our students. We have adopted PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) as our school-wide classroom management program. This aligns with Columbia Public Schools and ensures consistency in your child’s social-emotional learning. We also use Conscious Discipline and Love & Logic in our day-to-day interactions with the children in our care. We believe in educating the Whole Child, which prompts our signature blend of cognitive and social-emotional teaching. 

Academy is dedicated to helping each child reach his/her full potential. Your child’s needs and safety are always our number one priority. Our care is individualized to promote our students’ sense of well-being. Furthermore, we encourage parent involvement! We value your comments and suggestions, and we can’t wait to join your parenting team. Please reach out with any questions you may have.