Give Thanks

As often is the case, you’re probably very busy. I’m glad you took the time to read this far. We want to fit it ALL into our schedule. Every opportunity, festival, party, team and club becomes very important. Recently at a pumpkin patch I saw a parent, with 3 or 4 children in her charge, barking at one child to hurry up and “pick a pumpkin, we have things to do!”. Many of us may find comfort in reminding ourselves that we don’t need to fit it all in, but we do need to focus on doing a few things well. Sometimes, as a parent, it is too easy to get wrapped up in busy schedules, expectations not being met, and messes being made (and not cleaned up.)  Take a moment (take EVERY moment) in the coming weeks to bask in the wonder of being a parent. Not everyone is afforded this opportunity. Take a deep breath from atop your baby’s head, close your eyes and mentally record your preschooler’s laugh, or pause to note the size of the handprints you are scrubbing off the walls. Give thanks for the privilege of raising a child. At Academy we cherish the opportunity to be a part of those moments too. From our hearts to yours, Happy Holidays!