Partnering with Your Child’s Educator


Each weekday you entrust us with the joy and honor of caring for and educating the most precious people in your lives – your children. For the better part of their waking hours, your child looks to their teaching team for care, guidance, education, and love. As we become such an integral part of your child’s day, it is important that we remain in the loop if you feel something your family is navigating could affect their emotional state or schedule. Families might be experiencing the sudden absence of a family member due to illness, death, or even just business travel. Perhaps the family has recently moved or has even just been discussing a move. Maybe your child just found out they are going to be a big brother or sister? Even something as simple as a schedule change at work can sometimes cause a ripple felt by your child at school.

We have the same goals that you do for your child; that they continue to grow and thrive in a supportive environment. The clearer picture we have of your child’s home life, the better equipped we’ll be to help your child cope.