Positive Behavioral Support

PBS is an approach to preventing problem behaviors by teaching expected behaviors and responding to discipline problems in an effective way. Our goals are to create and maintain safe learning environments for the children in our program and to teach them the social skills they will need in school and in life.

We do not assume that children know how to behave in a ‘school way’ when they are in our classrooms. We teach those skills to everyone! Social skills are just like pre-academic skills-they must be taught.

Everyone teaches the children what appropriate behavior looks like throughout the day. For example, “We are safe in the hallway when we use our walking feet and keep our hands to ourselves.” Adults model the behavior for the children, give the children many opportunities to practice the behavior, and point out when the children are being safe, kind, or responsible.

When behavior is not acceptable, the adult points that out. For example, if a child leaves an area without cleaning up, the adult says: “Our rule is to be responsible and clean up our toys. Can you show me? Do we need to practice?”

Behavior management strategies: