Jesters Newsletter East: May 2014

May Dates:

Family teacher conferences –May 5th8:00 – 9:00 and May 7th 8:00 – 9:00

Muffins with Mom – May 9th7:00– 9:00 am

Mother’s Day – May 11th

Closed for Memorial Day – May 26th

April Recap:

In April, we welcomed Samuel to the Jesters. We are so excited to have him as a member of our class! The Week of the Young Child was a success and lots of fun. We enjoyed a special Medieval Feast and Luau picnic with the whole school! Thank you to everyone for bringing snacks and plastic eggs for our Spring Party and egg hunt! The weather in April was unbelievable. We hope for more consistent weather soon!

Coming Up in May:

Family teacher conferences are scheduled for Monday, May 5thand Wednesday, May 7th from 8:00 – 9:00 both days. Please sign up for a 15 minute slot on the classroom door. If you need to set up an alternate time just let me know.

Muffins with Mom will be on Friday, May 9th from 7 – 9 am. Enjoy a muffin with your child at drop-off. Happy Mother’s Day!

We can’t wait for nice Spring weather so we can explore outside!

Ms. Emily

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Knights and Maidens East: January 2014

Weekly themes        Letters             Numbers

Dec. 30-Jan. 3                    New Years                 Ll/16

6-10                                           Winter                      Zz/17

13-17                                     Hibernation              Dd/18

20-24                                     Snowmen                   Gg/19

27-31                            Community Helpers       Cc/20


Phase 3

This month, we will be starting Phase 3 of our curriculum. With this, we will continue to focus on numbers 10-20, patterns, and writing our names. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank You!

Thank you, to all of our families for being a part of our performance of The Nutcracker. It was a great time. Also, thank you, for all of our classroom gifts. We really appreciate all that you parents do for us!

Cubby Check

Please check that your child has appropriate clothing for the weather. Hats, mittens, warm coats, and a water bottle are also needed. (PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING!!)


Academy Closed

We will be closed Wednesday, January 1st   Happy New Year!!

We will be closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday on Monday, January 20th.

We will be closed for President’s Day on Monday, February 17th.


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Knights and Maidens Newsletter East: December 2013

Week                  Theme            Letter/Number

2-6                           Staying Healthy               Ss/13

9-13                          Ornaments                      Vv/14

16-20                        Polar Express                  Ee/15

23-27                        Holidays                          Ee/15

30-3                          New Years                       Ll/16

Classroom Happenings…

November was an awesome month for us to play outside! We have talked about families and learned all about colors and shapes. Our class had a blast preparing decorations and a dish for our Feast. Thank you, to all who could make it! This is such a special opportunity to come spend time with your child!

Classroom Holiday Party

We will have our classroom Holiday party on Wednesday, December 18th, at 3:00pm. There will be a sign-up posted on our door for afternoon snacks. Also, we will make a classroom wish list to be posted on our door as well. If you wish to purchase something for our room, please take the ornament off of our door, and take it with you so we don’t get an abundance of the same thing. This is strictly optional! All parents are welcome and encouraged to come celebrate with us!

 Pajama Day!

We will have an Academy Wide pajama day on Friday, December 13th along with a movie day. We will also have a classroom pajama day and movie day on Tuesday, December 31st.

Please note, if your child wears slippers, please bring a pair of outside shoes as well.

Important dates to remember:

12th– The Nutcracker Performance (Program details will come later)

13th-Pajama Day/Movie Day!

18th– Classroom Holiday Party-3:00pm

24th & 25th – CLOSED… Merry Christmas!!

31st – Pajama Day/Movie Day!

January 1st – CLOSED… Happy New Year!!

*Please be sure your child has appropriate clothes in their cubbies. We will try to get outside as much as possible so please have your child prepared. (If there is snow outside, we will try to get out and play in it!

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Sentries Newsletter East: July 2013

Graduation was a success and all of the children did a great job. We have gone on lots of fun adventurous field trips last month and have lots more scheduled. Last month we talked about our bodies, summer, weather, and food. We also celebrated our dads. Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed a donut with the one who loves you the most.

Week                                      Theme                      Letter & Number    

July 1-5                             Farm Animals                          Review

July 8-12                           Dinosaurs                                  Review

July 15-19                              Pets                                         Review

July 22-26                        Zoo Animals                             Review

Jyly 29-August 2         Pond and Ocean Life               Review

We are going on field trips every Wednesday and Thursday.  Please sign the field trip forms each week located on the wall to the right of the classroom door.

Dates to remember:

3rd – Sprayground (9:30)

4th– Academy closed

10th – Movie

11th – geology exhibit

17th – MU tour and picnic

18th – fishing at Bass Pro

24th – Devil’s Ice Box

25th – Hy-Vee

31st – Walk About Acres

Each Monday throughout the summer we will be enjoying the outdoors through sensory activities and water play at school. Please send your child to school each Monday in a swimsuit (one they can get messy in), closed toed water shoes, towel, extra change of clothes and sunscreen.

As always if you have any questions please let us know.

Ms. Shannon and Ms. Jennifer



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Jesters Newsletter East: December 2012

November was a really busy month and December will be too!  Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Academy Feast! It was really great to see all the families get together. The annual Nutcracker is a very important event for the Academy so we will be working hard on our part so that we can put on a great show for our families!

Please check to make sure that there are winter clothes in your child’s cubby. Also, please bring appropriate outdoor clothing, as the weather is turning colder. We will still be going outside as much as possible.

The Academy’s annual production of The Nutcracker will be held on Thursday, December 13th.  You will receive lots of information regarding costumes, tickets, t-shirts, location, etc. as the show approaches.

The Jesters Holiday party will be held on Wednesday, December 19th. We will also have a Pajama Day! Please look for a sign up sheet on the door regarding bringing holiday treats.  More information will come regarding this party.

Weekly Themes and Letters

Dec. 3 – White; Ee

Dec. 10 – Holidays; Ss

Dec. 17 – Holidays; Vv

Dec. 24 – New Year’s; Ll

Dates to Remember

December 13 – Nutcracker Performance

December 14 – Center wide PJ Day

December 19 – Jesters Holiday Party/PJ Day

December 24-25 – Academy Closed

January 1, 2013 – Academy Closed

Happy Holidays!

Ms. Katie


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Jesters Newsletter East: August 2012

The Jesters had a great month of July! We enjoyed our water play days with all the heat!

Important Dates

* August 10th– Academy Picnic 6:00p.m. @ Academy East

*August 20th– Beginning of our new school year

* September 3rd – Academy closed for Labor Day

Weekly Themes

August 6-10: Ocean, Kk, Blue, Star

August 13-17: Frogs & Turtles, Yy, Green, Oval

August 20-24: Water Fun, Ww, Red, Circle

August 27-31: Back to School, Mm, White, Heart

Cubbies and Parent Folders

Please continue to monitor your child’s cubby to make sure spare clothes are weather appropriate. Also continue to check your child’s folder regularly.

Open House

Open House will be in September. This is a great time for you as the parents to talk to me about any questions or concerns you may have about your child. Look for more details to come.

A Friendly Reminder

Please remember to apply sunscreen to your child in the morning before coming to school. If you forget, please let me know so I can make sure they have some on before outdoor play. I will reapply sunscreen after naptime.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your child.

Ms. Katie

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Dukes and Duchesses Newsletter East: May 2012


I have had a wonderful time so far getting to know the class! It is a class full of bright energetic students and I am grateful to be a part (if small) of their lives. Thank you for welcoming me so kindly.

In Other News:

– Memorial Day: Academy closed May 28th

– Mother’s Day: May 13th


-Anna 26th

-Josh 19th

-Chase 22nd

Classroom Goals:

Celebrate May by enjoying the weather! We will be exploring the outdoors whenever possible remind students that our number one goal is to BE KIND to others.

Homework help will always be available in the classroom, school is coming to an end but I would love to assist in keeping the learning in continuum!


Ms. Stephanie

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Sprites Newsletter East: May 2012

Looking Back…

Many of us were able to meet our Bunny and get a picture with him! It has been so much fun to explore and learn outside! So many friends are starting to sit on their own! All of our babies love exploring and watching our friends play!

Excited for…

Many friends to start scooting around the room! Many friends to start holding their own bottles! Some friends to start rolling over!

Important Dates:

May 11th – Muffins With Mom – to celebrate Mother’s Day, we will have a breakfast treat at drop off time.  Feel free to have a snack with your little one.

May 13th– Mother’s Day

May 28th-Memorial Day The Academy will be closed this day

Babies love to go outside and learn about the world around them. We would appreciate it, if you could bring a jacket and sunhat for them!


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Pixies Newsletter South: January 2012

Dear Pixies’ parents,

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by!  Thanks to all of your help and support with our big Nutcracker performance.  The children did a great job and deserved their fun pajama day!  Our kids are growing in so many different ways; they are all working on their gross motor skills, whether walking or crawling, and we’re hearing a lot of talking.

Please remember to return any Academy clothes that your child might be sent home in.  The Academy is always in need of clothes of all sizes if you have any extra clothes to donate.

It’s the time of year for some sickness to go around, and we appreciate it when you call if your child will be home for the day.  When you call please ask to speak with the Pixies so that you can let us know why your child is out.

Important dates to remember:

2nd– Academy CLOSED for New Year’s

5th– Anders’ birthday

11th– Giuliana’s birthday

13th– Gabriella’s birthday

16th– Academy CLOSED for training

February 20th– Academy CLOSED for training


As always feel free to come to us with any questions or concerns.

Audrey, Maggie and Anna


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No More Tearful Drop Offs!

Does your drop off at your child’s class often turn into a power struggle or a tearful goodbye? There are things you can do to make that time of the day go smoother. As you arrive at school, quickly tell your child the steps that will occur in dropping off. (i.e. we will go in, walk to your room, put your coat on the hook, and then I will give you a hug goodbye) It is also important to let your child walk to their own class. It gives your child the sense of control which can make the transition to their class so much smoother. Whatever your routine is, personalize it to fit. Then do it! This will help the power struggle for one more book, etc. and hopefully end any tearful goodbyes!

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