Squires Newsletter South: May 2014

April was a busy month in the Squires’ classroom and May is sure to be just as fun filled with learning about community helpers, nutrition, and nursery rhymes.

We will be taking two field trips this month. Please be on the lookout for the field trip permission sheet in the weeks ahead.

The students are all very excited to learn each day. It is so wonderful to hear them reciting the songs we sing each day. We can’t wait to see how each of the students grow and learn throughout the summer months!

Upcoming Themes

May 5th-9th: “I Love Mommy” 

May 12th-16th: “Community Helpers”

May 19th-23rd: “Nursery Rhymes”

May 26th-30th: “Nutrition”

Dates to Remember

May 5th and 6th: Parent Teacher Conferences (Sign-up sheet on the classroom door)

May 11th: Mother’s Day

May 26th: Memorial Day-Academy Closed

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Squires Newsletter South: April 2014

Spring is finally here!! Or is it? The students are all so excited when we are able to get out to the playground or the racetrack, however those days have been few and far between.

We have happily welcomed Yaseen and Lauren to our classroom. We now have a full classroom of 16 friends.

The students have all been working so hard on writing their first names. We are sending home some practice pages for your child to work on at your leisure. This is merely an extra resource for your child to practice and for you to see first- hand all the wonderful work they do here in the Squires’ classroom on a daily basis.

Upcoming Themes

March 31st-April 4th: “Spring Animals”

April 7th-11th: “Spring Garden”

April 14th-18th: “We Are Responsible”

April 21st-25th: “Butterflies”

April 28th-May 2nd: “Kites”

Dates to Remember

April 7th-11th: Week of the Young Child

April 18th: Spring Party and Egg Hunt

April 22nd: Earth Day

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Squires Newsletter South: March 2014

We are so excited to welcome Lucy and Beckett into our classroom! We are excited to play and learn alongside them each day.

Last month we focused on identifying more letters and numbers as well as writing our names! We will continue to focus on improving our fine motor skills by practicing writing and cutting paper. They are getting very good at these skills!


March 3rd-7th Happy Birthday  Dr. Seuss!

March 10th-14th “I can do it” self help

March 17th-21st “Lucky Leprechauns”

March 24th-28th “Spring”

Dates to Remember

March 9th: Daylight savings begins! Remember to set your clocks forward one hour.

March 17th: St. Patrick’s day

March 20th: Spring Begins


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Squires Newsletter South: February 2014

We are so excited to welcome Malikye and Zachary into our classroom! We look forward to learning and playing each day with these new friends. The students have all been doing such a fantastic job identifying and working with letters, numbers, as well as recognizing their first names. We will continue to work diligently on fine motor skills such as writing/drawing with a pencil and using scissors.


Upcoming Themes

February 3rd-7th: Healthy Smiles

February 10th-14th: Be My Valentine

February 17th-21st: Frogs

February 24th-28th: Pets


Dates to Remember

February 14th: 7-9a.m., Sweets With Your Sweetie (Knights and Maidens Room) and Classroom Party from 2:45-3:15 in the Squires’ Classroom

February 17th: Academy closed for Presidents’ Day and Staff Training

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Squires Newsletter South: December 2013

Is it December already? November was a fun, learning filled month for the Squires. The students learned about the letters Bb, Pp, Vv, and Ll, and the numbers 6-9. Our days were spent learning about our five senses, transportation, vegetables, and Thanksgiving. During our vegetable theme, we taste tested some delicious vegetables. All the students LOVED green peppers! I was excited to hear them say, “More pepper please.”

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who were able to attend the Thanksgiving Feast. We had a wonderful turnout, and it was nice to visit with each of you. I think a great time was had by all!

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Squires Newsletter South: October 2013

The Squires’ room is a super exciting place to be! All of the children are adjusting tremendously to our daily schedule, PBS expectations, and the overall atmosphere of the room. We could not be prouder of how much each child has already accomplished in such a short time. Thank you so much for supporting us as we educate and nurture your children.

Over the past month we have focused on various themes, as well as letter and number identification, letter sound, one-to-one correspondence, and the colors red and orange. The letters we have worked on are Aa ,Nn, Hh, Ff, and Mm, counting 0-5, and identifying how many objects in a set.

Upcoming Events

October 9th: Fieldtrip to Peachtree Pumpkin Patch.  Leave the Academy at 8:30 a.m.

October 17th & 18th: Individual & class pictures. You will know soon what day our class will be.

October 21st: Happy Birthday Dhruv!

October 29th: Happy Birthday Miles and Madeline!

October 30th: Trunk or Treat @ East Location

October 31st: Boo Blast

November 21st: Annual Academy Thanksgiving Feast

November 28th & 29th: Academy Closed

December 12th: Nutcracker Production

Upcoming Themes

September 30-Oct. 4: Autumn/Leaves

October 7-11: Pumpkins

October 14-18: Fire Safety

October 21-25: Halloween

October 28-November 1: Spiders

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Squires Newsletter South: Sept. 2013

What a great first week in the Squires’ Room! We have been focusing on social and emotional development skills which include; table manners, sharing, following directions, and taking turns. Of course we will continue to focus and build upon each of these skills throughout the year.

We have been practicing the PBS procedures, Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible which include walking feet, using safe hands, kind words and listening ears. Please praise your child when you hear/see them demonstrating any of these actions in your own home.

Ms. Terri and I have truly enjoyed becoming acquainted with each unique personality and look forward to helping each child grow into responsible, knowledgeable, and perhaps most importantly, confident young Squires. We are excited about the future of all the students and the growth you as parents see in your children.

We believe it is a true honor to guide your children each day. To be successful in this adventure, we encourage you to visit our classroom and to contact us at any time.

September 2nd: Academy Closed (Labor Day)

September 4th: Back to School Night, 6:00-7:00

October 30th: Trunk or Treat @ East Location

October 31st: Boo Blast

December 12th: Nutcracker Production

Upcoming Themes

September 3-6: “Family”

September 9-13: “I Am Special”

September 16-20: “Feelings”

September 23-27: “Fun with Apples


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Squires Newsletter South: August 2013

July has been a very busy month for us. We made our own pizza and took a field trip to Shakespeare’s to see how the professionals make it. The Squires have also been learning about the ocean and the beach. We looked at different kinds of shells and the animals that live in them. Our class also explored the different types of ocean water and animals that make their home in them.

The Squires have been enjoying the awesome weather and our water play days. Our last water play day will be Tuesday, August 6! Thank you for making water play so fun and exciting for us by sending swimsuits, towels, and water shoes.


August 5-9- Dinosaurs

August 12-16- Rainforest/Jungle Animals

August 19-23- Art Exploration

Important Dates to Remember

August 5- Emma’s Birthday

August 16- Annual Academy Picnic at the East Location @ 6 p.m.

August 26- Lincoln’s Birthday

August 26- New School Year Begins

September 2- Academy Closed in Observance of Labor Day

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Squires Newsletter South: July 2013

Welcome to July! It is hard to believe that June has come and gone and we are already in our 2nd month of the summer. June was a busy month for the Squires. We enjoyed learning about outer space, summer, the farm and all about our daddies. We also enjoyed Water Play days and our field trip to the Dairy Farm. Thank you to all the parents who came with us. A great time was had by all!

July 1st – 5th ~ Red, White and Blue
July 8th – 12th ~ Pizza
July 15th – 19th ~ Luau and Beach
July 22nd – 26th ~ Ocean
July 29th – August 2nd ~ Sports

~The Academy will be closed on Thursday, July 4th, in observance of Independence Day
~Water Play Days ~ July 2nd, July 9th, July 16th, July 23rd, and July 30th
~The Annual Academy Picnic will be held on Friday, August 16th, 2013. More information to come soon!

~We will continue with Water Play on Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. on the Racetrack. Please send your child with a swimsuit, towel and water shoes for that day.
~Please make sure to bring in appropriate shoes for your child to wear for outdoor play.

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Squires Newsletter South: June 2013

June is here and we are enjoying our time outside in the sun. May was a busy month for the Squires. We planted flowers,practiced tossing and catching balloons, learned about bees, and went on a camping adventure in our classroom. We have also been practicing our emergency procedures in case of a fire or tornado. We understand these are just precautions in case something should occur, but we treat them as if the real thing were happening. Please help us, when picking up your child during one of these practices, to continue our procedure until the “all clear” is given.

Hopefully warm weather is on the way! Our class will be doing water play on the racetrack at 10 a.m. starting Tuesday, June 11. Please send your child with a swimsuit, towel, and water shoes! We are ready to splash around and have a great time!

Ms. Laura, Ms. Kylee, and Ms. Emily would like to say a special thank you for all the goodies we received during Teacher Appreciation Week. Your children mean so much to us and we know we couldn’t do our job without your kindness and support. Thank you again for letting us be such a big part of your life!

Ms. Laura, Ms. Kylee, and Ms. Emily


June 3-7- Space

June 10-14- Father’s/Grandfather’s Week

June 17-21- Summer Fun

June 24-28- Down on the Farm

Important Dates to Remember

June 16- Father’s Day

June 21- Summer begins

June 26- Field Trip to the Dairy Farm

July 4- Academy closed in observance of Independence Day

Water Play Days- June 11, June 18, June 25

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