Jesters Newsletter South: May 2014

The Jesters are so glad Spring is finally here. We are getting outside as much as possible and enjoying the beautiful weather. April brought us colder weather, a lot of rain and many clouds. We are hoping May is filled with warmer weather and sunshine! In April, we celebrated the Week of the Young Child with finger painting, playing with our favorite toys and talking about how we are unique.  A big thank you to everyone who was able to attend parent/teacher conferences! I love having the opportunity to share your children with you each day. They all make my day so much brighter! J In May, the Jesters will be practicing our gardening skills by planting flowers. We will also be celebrating our moms and preparing for Mother’s Day! It is sure to be a fun month!

Important Dates to Remember

May 11-Mother’s Day

May 26-Academy closed for Memorial Day

May Themes

May 5-9- All About Moms

May 12-16- Circus

May 19-23- Caterpillars and Butterflies

May 26-30- Space

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Jesters Newsletter South: April 2014

Welcome to April! March was a busy month for the Jesters. We talked about Dr. Seuss, Spring, and the weather. The students enjoyed painting, using glue, and making sand art. As we settle into Spring, remember to check your child’s cubby for an appropriate change of clothing. The students will also be going outside more so, please be sure to send them in clothing they can play in and you don’t mind if they get a little messy.  Be sure to keep your check our door for activities we will be participating in for Week of the Young Child as well as a sign up sheet for our Spring Party!

In April, we will be saying good-bye to Mr. Chris. He has chosen to take another job and will be missed dearly by all of us! L Our friends Libby and Beckett will also be moving over to the Lords and Ladies class. I am sure they will have a great time over there.


Dates to Remember

April 7-11-Week of the Young Child

April 18-Spring Party

April 22-Earth Day


March 31-April 4-Weather

April 7-11-All About Me

April 14-18-Eggs, Chicks, and Bunnies

April 21- 25-Western

April 28-May 2-Gardening

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Jesters Newsletter South: March 2014

February was a busy month for the Jesters. We learned about transportation and enjoyed painting with cars and making boats. The Jesters also had fun learning about different musical instruments and making some of our own!

The Jesters are also ready for the weather to warm up so we can get outside and play. It has been so long since we have been able to play outside and enjoy the fresh air! Hopefully Spring is on its way!

In March, we will be welcoming two new friends, Cohen Shryock and Jaxon Martin from the Pages class. Our friends, Brett Snow and Alex Curchin will move up to the Lords and Ladies. We will miss them a lot!

March Themes

March 3-7- Dr. Seuss

March 10-14- Spring

March 17-21- Green Week

March 24-28- Frogs

Important Dates to Remember

March 9- Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 17- St. Patrick’s Day

March 20- First Day of Spring


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Jesters Newsletter South: February 2014

February is here and the Jesters have been busy! We have been busy learning about penguins, snowmen, and exploring the colors of the rainbow. The students enjoyed painting, coloring with crayons and markers, and using glue sticks. We also enjoyed making our own playdough and molding it into shapes and animals.

Our class also welcomes two new friends, Keegan and Rohan. We are excited to have some familiar faces back in our classroom! With our new additions, Kendall and Kennedy move up into the Lords and Ladies classroom. We will miss them but we know we will get to see them soon!

February Themes

February 3-7- Weather

February 10-14- Valentine’s Day and Love

February 17-21- Transportation

February 24-28- Music

Important Dates to Remember

February 14- Sweets with your Sweetie 7am-9am

February 14- Valentine’s Day Party

February 17- Academy Closed for Presidents’ Day

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Ms. Emily

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Jesters Newsletter South: December 2013

December is here! It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of the year. November has been very busy for the Jesters. We enjoyed learning about community helpers, playing dress up, painting, and singing songs about turkeys. The feast was a big success. Thank you to everyone who was able to come. It was so nice to see all of your families and enjoy some really good food.

December will be an exciting month for the Jesters as we prepare for the Nutcracker and winter. With the cold weather approaching, our outside play will be limited. We will only go outdoors on days it is 40 degrees or above. The wind chill also plays a factor and it must “feel like” 40 degrees in order for us to go outside too. Please send your child with a warm coat, gloves, a hat or anything else you would like them to wear outside. We’ll bundle up and stay as warm as possible!

December Themes

December 2-6-Winter

December 9-13-Gingerbread Men

December 16-20-Snow

December 23-27-Trees and Lights

Important Dates to Remember

December 12- Nutcracker production

December 13- Academy pajama day

December 24 & 25- Academy closed for the holidays

January 1- Academy closed for New Years’ Day

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Jesters Newsletter South: Sept. 2013

Welcome to the Jesters! I am so excited to have your child in this class. My name is Emily Sims and I am the lead teacher in this classroom. I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, Early Childhood, and Early Childhood Special Ed. This is my fifth year at the Academy and my first year in the Jesters classroom. I am excited for all of the interesting things we will be learning about and the fun activities we will be doing. Your child also has a folder in the classroom next to the door. This is where you will find important information from Kat, your child’s note about their day, artwork, and any other information from the Academy.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns!

Important information in the Jesters’ classroom

  • Please make sure your child has a change of clothes in their cubby that is weather appropriate
  • Please bring a sippy cup or water bottle that can be left at school for your child
  • Please bring sunscreen if you would like us to apply it to your child before we go outside


Dates to Remember

September 2-Academy Closed for Labor Day

September 4-Back to School Night 6-7 p.m.

September 6-Noah Dent’s 2nd Birthday

September 7-Kennedy Sampson’s 2nd Birthday

September 8-Brett Snow’s 2nd Birthday

October 30-Trunk or Treat at the East Location

October 31-Boo Blast

December 12-Nutcracker Production

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Jesters Newsletter South: August 2013

July was a busy month for the Jesters. We enjoyed many learning activities, warm weather, and practicing our Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible. We enjoyed water play days.





The Sea



*Annual Academy picnic will be on August 16th  at 6:00 pm at the East location.  Mark this day on your calendar.

*August 26th  starts the  New School year.

*The Academy will be closed Monday, Sept. 2nd   in observance of Labor Day.

*Please check your child’s folder daily. There is always something important inside.

*Please make sure that there is an extra set of clothes that is weather appropriate in your child’s cubby.

*We appreciate everything you do!

Have a wonderful rest of the  Summer.

Mrs. Kanthi Jayaratne and Miss Emily



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Jesters Newsletter South: July 2013

June was a busy month for the Jesters! We talked about bugs, celebrated Father’s Day and started water play. The children have also been painting and learning how to use glue as we have been making new artwork to display in our classroom. Stop by to see our awesome creations! We also welcomed a new friend, Katie, to our class. We are very excited to have her join us and look forward to more fun in July.


July 1-5- Independence Day

July 8-12-Butterflies

July 15-19-Flowers

July 22-26-Feelings

July 29- August 2-Kites

Important Dates to Remember

July 4- Academy closed in observance of Fourth of July

July 6- Ms. Emily’s Birthday

July 13- Katie’s Birthday

August 16- Annual Academy Picnic

Mrs. Kanthi Jayaratne and Miss Emily

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Jesters Newsletter South: June 2013

May was a busy month for the Jesters. We enjoyed many learning activities, warm weather, and practicing our Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible. I would like to say thank you for appreciating us during Teacher Appreciation week. All of the wonderful goodies made our days sweeter! We would also like to thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to join us for Parent Teacher Conferences. It was great to hear feedback from each of you.


Farm Animals

Father’s Day



Special Events

Father’s Day is the 16th.  .The first day of summer is the 21st   .The Academy will be closed July 4th  in observance of Independence Day. Water play starts June 20th. We will have it at 3PM each Thursday.

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Jesters Newsletter South: May 2013

Special Events

Parent conference: May 6th    and 7th   Monday at  12:30PM  -2:30PM and Tuesday  at 12:30PM-2:30PM

Memorial Day-Monday 27th    School closed.

Mother’s Day-May 12th 

In with May

May – a merry month!A time of busy excitement- wrapping up a wonderful school year, preparing for summer activities and excursions and enjoying the great outdoors. A time of exploring nature’s treasures- gathering flowers to make May day baskets, walking barefoot through the green grass ,flying  kites, and collecting insects and butterflies. Jesters are enjoying their classroom. The  children will have music, Language  and dance  enrichment classes at 10:20A:M-10:40A:M.


Mother’s Day







*Please return Family boards as soon as possible. The children really enjoy   looking at them and sharing with their friends. If you need poster board ask me     and we will get it to you. 

*Please check your child’s folder daily. There is always something important inside.

*We appreciate everything you do!

Have a wonderful May.

Mrs. Kanthi Jayaratne  and Miss Emily

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