Pixies Newsletter East: April 2016

In March, during Dr. Seuss week, we had lots of fun making artwork based on Dr. Seuss stories.  We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and spring holiday.  We also learned about the change of season through songs, books, and sensory art.  We gained two new friends from the Sprites room.  Welcome Kepler and Gavin.
Special Dates

April 11th – April 15th – week of the young child

Coming in April

In this month, we will continue to talk about everything related to spring, such as weather, plants, animals and bugs.  Our story time will mainly focus on books about spring and spring songs. We will use very creative ways to welcome this season.  Since weather is getting warmer and sunnier, I recommend parents to provide sunscreen and sun hats and switch out extra clothes.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Miss Ming and Miss Megan.

Thank you!

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Pixies Newsletter East: December 2015

In November, we reviewed shapes and numbers and read lots of books about numbers. We talked about fall and Thanksgiving.  We made lots of artwork using fall leaves and even made turkey crafts.  Thank you for coming to our Thanksgiving feast, we hope you enjoyed the food and the time we spent together.  We gained two new friends from the Sprites room.  Welcome Daniel and Jackson!
Special Dates
December 15th– Nutcracker Performance, 6:30pm, at The Missouri Theater

December 16th– School wide pajama day

December 18th – Classroom Holiday Party at 3:00pm

December 24 -25th– Academy closed for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

January 1st – Academy closed for New Year’s Day

January 18th– Closed for Staff Training and MLK Day
Coming in December
This month we will be talking about winter. We will be singing songs, reading books, and doing many fun activities. We will be talking about and celebrating the holidays. The weather will be getting cold soon, so please be sure you change out your child’s clothes and bring more thick jackets and hats.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Miss Ming or Miss Kim.

Thank you!

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Pixies Newsletter East: August 2014

Special days in August:    Aug. 8th  Academy Picnic,  Sept. 1st Academy closed in  observance of labor day.

Recap of July:   July was a fun month in the Pixies room! We have added three new friends: Madison, Jacob, and Ethan. We are looking forward to getting to know them and their families! The children have enjoyed water play on Fridays. It is a fun way to escape the heat!

Coming in August:  On August 8th we will be having an Academy wide picnic at the east location. This will be a fun filled experience for families, children, and teachers. Everyone is invited to enjoy the fun. Be sure to check your child’s folder for more information. We will continue to have water play each Friday. Also, the Pixies class would like to have family boards displayed around the room for children to look at throughout the school day. If you would please send pictures of your child, yourselves, pets, and family members with names we would be happy to put them together! If you would like to make your own let us know and we will give you poster board. Thank you for your support with this project!

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!    Mrs. Bunny,Ms. Nicole, and Mrs. Ming

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Pixies Newsletter East: July 2014

Special days in July:

July 4th– Academy closed for Independence Day

August 8th–Academy celebrates our 15th year at our annual picnic

Recap of June-This month has been filled with fun in the sun! We have had some hot days already, and we enjoyed the kick-off to our water play for the summer. We also had Doughnuts with Dad and we thank everyone for their participation.

Coming in July-The Pixies room has welcomed a new friend; Jacob. We look forward to getting to know him. We will continue to have water play days each Friday. The children enjoy these days, as it is a fun way to cool off. Please make sure your child has all the necessary items to make water play safe and enjoyable. We need swim suits and water shoes (or a pair of socks you don’t mind getting dirty.)Please apply sunscreen each morning before coming to school. We will reapply late morning and after nap. We will be focusing more on our language, communication, and sign language in the Pixies room.

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Pixies Newsletter East: May 2014

Special Days in May:  Happy Mother’s Day  May 11th, Muffins with mom will be May 9th, Parent Teachers Conferences May 20& 22, May 26th is Memorial Day the Academy will be closed. Happy Birthday:  Tommy will be one on the 9th.  Welcome to the Pixies room Max and Happy Birthday. Max will be one on the 23rd.

Recap of April:  April has had some nice weather and we are getting outside more often. If your child doesn’t have any sunscreen at school and you would like us to use it on your child please bring it. Also as the weather warms we may need different extra clothing. Please check your child’s cubby.

Coming in May: This month we will be exploring more sensory activities both indoors and out. As the weather begins to warm we will have water and sand play outside. We will also provide sensory experiences for children with food and textures, such as noodles, jell-o and pudding, shredded paper, fabric and more. The different types of sensory activities allow for the use of senses, such as, taste, smell, touch. They also allow for fine motor development as children refine the use of fingers, wrists and tongue.  We look forward to introducing new books that have the “touch and feel” components. The Pixies really enjoy these types of books, and it will be a great way to incorporate literacy and sensory experiences.

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Mrs. Bunny, Ms. Nicole, & Mrs. Ming

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Pixies Newsletter East: April 2014

Special day’’s in April:    

We will celebrate the Week of the Young Child April 7-11.

Monday –“Sundae Monday”,  Tuesday –“Take 5 Tuesday”, “Wednesday –  “Wacky Wednesday”, Thursday – “Medieval Feast”, Friday – “Outdoor picnic”

 Spring party & Egg Hunt- April 18th

March Recap:  March was a fun month. After a long and cold winter we have started to have some nice days. The children have been happy to get outdoors and play some. Our Dr. Seuss celebration was lots of fun. We read lots of books.

Coming in April: During the week of April 7-11, we will be celebrating the Week of the Young Child. We will have a special event each day this week. On Monday we will enjoy ice cream sundaes. Tuesday parents will have their pictures taken with the children.  Wednesday dress up as crazy as you like.  Thursday we will have a medieval feast eating with only our fingers. Friday will be our luau picnic, let’s hope for good weather. Also with the return of outside play we will need sunscreen. Please bring some in if you would like your child to have some applied. No spray please. We love to take advantage of beautiful weather and will play outside at least 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon.  If you would like to provide a sun-hat, those are welcome also. I find that one with a strap works best.

As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns please let us know. Thank you for sharing your children with us.

 Mrs. Bunny, Ms.Nichole, and Mrs. Ming  

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Pixies Newsletter East: March 2014

Special days in March:

March 9th daylight Savings Time begins.

March 17Th St. Patrick’s Day. March 21st first day of spring

February Recap: February was a long cold month but we stayed warm and had fun with gross motor and exploration inside. The Pixies enjoyed Valentine’s festivities with Sweets with your sweetie, and a party later that day with our class. Thanks for your participation and the fun snacks for the children!

Coming in March:  This month we will be having a special celebration in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday. This will take place the first week in March. We will post fun activities each day the week of March 3-7. We hope this will be a fun week for everyone. Also in March we will be talking about the signs of spring we are hoping to start seeing. We will talk about birds chirping, buds on the trees, and flowers starting to bloom. This will help expose children to new vocabulary, animal sounds, and color identification. We look forward to having a great month with your children!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let us know. As always, thanks for sharing your children with us!

Mrs. Bunny, Ms. Courtney, & Mrs. Ming

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Pixies Newsletter East: February 2014

Special Days in February:  February 14th – Sweets with your Sweetie, February 17th -Academy closed for staff training and in observance of Presidents’ Day.


January Recap – January went by so quickly this year, it’s hard to believe it’s over already! We had a great month focusing on literacy. Everyone seems to love the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. We also enjoyed sensory activities. Everyone enjoyed playing with water and snow in the sensory table. We are looking forward to another exciting month in the Pixies room.


Coming in February – The weather has been cold so we will focus on inside gross motor activities. We know young children need the opportunities to move and explore, and we hope to provide them with many great activities that will be beneficial to their development, as well as a fun way to keep them moving and help them use their energy in a positive way. Some of the things to look forward to will be tunnel play, a free standing slide we will bring in, walking, jumping, and climbing on the large blocks.

We will also be working on fine motor skills. We hope to help children learn to use spoons to feed themselves. We will also be using paint brushes instead of just fingers.

We will be welcoming Oliver from the Sprites room and a new friend Tommy to the Pixies room this month.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let us know! As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Mrs. Bunny, Ms. Courtney, and Mrs. Ming

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Pixies Newsletter East: January 2014

Special days in January:  January 1st Academy closed for New Year’s day. January20thAcademy closed for staff training and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.February 17th. Academy closed for staff training and Presidents’ Day.

December Recap:We had a fun-filled month in December! We are so happy with the participation we had from our class in the Nutcracker…the children made very cute little snowflakes! We also want to thank parents for the holiday gifts and goodies that were brought in; they were very thoughtful, and much appreciated. We hope everyone had a very happy holiday.

Coming in January: We want to welcome Zoie Rose to the Pixies class. We are so happy to have her.This month we will focus on literacy and language as our children begin to develop their communication skills. We hope to provide a rich learning environment by having available many developmentally appropriate books for children to explore, both individually and with teachers. By being read to on a regular basis, young children can learn how to talk by listening to the inflections and speech patterns in our voices as we read to them.   Sharing books with young children also helps keep them engaged in a learning activity and helps them practice their listening skills.  Since many of our children in our class range from ages 8-16 months they like to actively participate with books by pointing to pictures they like, and often “asking” about them. We will work with children by repeating simple words for them, as well as talk about other things we notice throughout the book, such as animals and the sounds they make, or specific colors of objects.These are also great things to work with children on when you are reading at home!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please let us know! As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Mrs. Bunny, Ms. Courtney, & Mrs. Ming

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Pixies Newsletter East: December 2013

November Recap-

November was a busy month and went by so fast.  We have enjoyed getting to know our new friends, and are looking forward to welcomingFrancesca we want to thank everyone who participated in the Thanksgiving Feast!

Coming in December-

This month we will focus on exploration through the arts. We will experience different types of paints, markers, crayons and chalk, as well as work on the performing arts, such as dancing. We will be exposing children to different senses that come along with the arts, such as the feel and textures of different media, as well as sounds of beautiful music, and the movement and rhythm of dance. We hope the children will enjoy the various experiences we hope to provide.

The performing arts aspect will also relate to the Nutcracker performance on December 12. This performance should be a lot of fun for the whole family, as you will get to see your little ones on stage with their classmates!

We will also continue to work on communication skills. We will do this through the use of sign language and verbalization of their correlating words. This helps children communicate with others when they do not yet have the verbal words for what they would like to express.

Special Days In December

Nutcracker performance is Dec.12th

Dec. 13th will be pajama day

December 24th and 25th Academy closed for Christmas holiday

January 1st Academy closed for New Year’s day

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