Pixies Newsletter East: January 2016

Recap of December
InDecember, we learned about animals and had several fun activities related to Sesame Street. We read lots of books and made lots of artwork about winter and holidays.  The Pixies did a really good job on the Nutcracker performance and I hope you enjoyed watching your little ones dance on the stage.We gained another new friend from the Sprites room.  Welcome, Jack and Kelly!
Special Dates

January 18th – Academy closed for staff training

February 15th – Academy closed for staff training

Coming in January
This month we will keep talking more about winter. We will be singing more winter songs and rhymes, practicing body movements, and doing activities based on book characters. The weather is getting colder, but we still try to go outside for a short time when it is sunny and nice,so please bring in thick jackets, hats, and gloves.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Miss Ming or Miss Kim. Thank you!

Ms. Ming& Ms. Kim