S.T.A.R. Power




The Academy of Early Childhood Learning has dedicated several hours to paid staff trainings so that our teachers can better understand and implement some of the findings and teachings of Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline program.  We’ve referenced the book I Love You Rituals previously.  In June, Dr. Bailey had this to share on the Conscious Discipline Facebook page:



As parents and teachers, we are constantly modeling for our children what to do and how to behave. What we do is much more influential than what we say. So what kind of model are you? How are you strutting your stuff on the catwalk of life? Are you modeling your S.T.A.R. Power?

(Smile, Take a deep breath And Relax)

Modeling Anger & Frustration
Anger and frustration are motivating energies that deliver the message of change. They ask you to clearly define what you want instead of what you don’t want. To do this, you must first calm yourself and turn off the fight or flight response in your body.

The antidote to anger and frustration is breathing and calming. Then, you will be ready to respectfully share your feelings.

Here are ways to express anger and frustration like a Super S.T.A.R. Model:

– I feel angry. I am going to calm myself down and then I will talk with you.

– I don’t like it when you talk when I am talking. Please wait until I have finished my sentence.

– I feel frustrated. I was hoping we could talk through this calmly.

As always, we wish you well!