Can we be done with diapers!?

One very common area in which parents struggle and look to our teachers for guidance or advice is in potty training.  It is important to recognize your child’s readiness.  Rushing the potty-training process can set them up for failure.  Some common readiness cues we see include: staying dry for two hours at a time or through naptime, moving to a different area of the room or behind a shelf when having a BM or urinating, the child recognizing that they are wet or dirty and wanting to be changed, and the child showing interest in wearing big boy/girl pants or sitting on the potty.  Every child is different and not every child will let you know in the same way, but more than anything, keep a positive attitude, use words of encouragement, and accept that there will be accidents.  The following links have some helpful advice:

The following link details some of the behaviors in those whose potty training is a little more challenging: