Sharing Expectations

Whether planning a vacation, business trip, or a night on the town (remember those?), we as adults like to have a basic idea of what to expect.  We feel a little more at ease knowing what things we’ll be doing or attending, what time we need to be somewhere, and with whom we’ll be meeting.  Children also need to know what to expect.  Some children may feel a great deal of anxiety about a change in surroundings.  While children are very resilient and are amazingly fast learners, they may not be able to communicate what part of the change or new experience is making them feel uneasy.  It is important for us here at school and families at home to talk about what children can expect when they are starting a new class, taking a vacation and staying in a hotel, or moving to a new home.  As a fair number of our students will be changing classrooms in August, or starting a new grade outside of the Academy, it is important that we communicate our expectations and prime them for what things they can expect.  Enjoy your children!