Pixies Newsletter East: August 2014

Special days in August:    Aug. 8th  Academy Picnic,  Sept. 1st Academy closed in  observance of labor day.

Recap of July:   July was a fun month in the Pixies room! We have added three new friends: Madison, Jacob, and Ethan. We are looking forward to getting to know them and their families! The children have enjoyed water play on Fridays. It is a fun way to escape the heat!

Coming in August:  On August 8th we will be having an Academy wide picnic at the east location. This will be a fun filled experience for families, children, and teachers. Everyone is invited to enjoy the fun. Be sure to check your child’s folder for more information. We will continue to have water play each Friday. Also, the Pixies class would like to have family boards displayed around the room for children to look at throughout the school day. If you would please send pictures of your child, yourselves, pets, and family members with names we would be happy to put them together! If you would like to make your own let us know and we will give you poster board. Thank you for your support with this project!

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!    Mrs. Bunny,Ms. Nicole, and Mrs. Ming