Pages Newsletter East: August 2014

Our friend Lillyann has moved up to the Jesters and is having a great time with her new friends and Ms. Emily.  We have welcomed Zoie Rose to our class.  We are having fun showing her all the things we know how to do.  We still have an all girl class!In July we learned about stars and stripes, bugs, love birds, the zoo, and dinosaurs! We learned so many new words and signs. Very smart little girls!

We will be studying art, colors, our five senses, and musician Laurie Berkner.We have many fun activities planned for our friends to explore, play, and learn about during this month!

If your child has a book or toy they would like to bring and share with the class that is related to our weekly topic, please do so.  We will use the item from home during group time and storytime.  Thank you Rory for bringing in a book about the zoo.  We loved looking at the animals. Thank you for sharing!

Just a reminder, we spend a lot of time outside in the mornings.  Please apply sunscreen to your child in the morning or let us know so we can keep their skin protected. 

We hope you have a great August!

Important Dates in August

8/8 The Academy celebrates our 15th year at our annual picnic from 6-8pm.

8/18 Molly’s 2nd Birthday

9/1 Labor Day (Academy closed)