Squires Newsletter South: May 2014

April was a busy month in the Squires’ classroom and May is sure to be just as fun filled with learning about community helpers, nutrition, and nursery rhymes.

We will be taking two field trips this month. Please be on the lookout for the field trip permission sheet in the weeks ahead.

The students are all very excited to learn each day. It is so wonderful to hear them reciting the songs we sing each day. We can’t wait to see how each of the students grow and learn throughout the summer months!

Upcoming Themes

May 5th-9th: “I Love Mommy” 

May 12th-16th: “Community Helpers”

May 19th-23rd: “Nursery Rhymes”

May 26th-30th: “Nutrition”

Dates to Remember

May 5th and 6th: Parent Teacher Conferences (Sign-up sheet on the classroom door)

May 11th: Mother’s Day

May 26th: Memorial Day-Academy Closed