Pages Newsletter East: May 2014

Important Dates in May

5/9   Muffins with Mom

5/14 Parent Teacher Conferences

5/16 Parent Teacher Conferences

April Recap:

Our friend Samuel has moved up to the Jesters and is having a great time with his new friends and Ms. Emily.  We have welcomed Ava to our class.  We are having fun showing her all the things we know how to do.

Thank you parents for bringing snacks and eggs to our Spring Party.  We had a great time enjoying our snack and hunting for eggs outside.

In April we learned about bugs, birds, bunnies, eggs, and a musician study of Laurie Berkner.  We also celebrated the Week of the Young Child and enjoyed fun activities to honor our children during their special week.

May in the Pages

We will be studying  Mothers, Sesame Street, babies, and colors. We have many fun activities planned for our friends to explore, play, and learn about during this month!

If your child has a book or toy they would like to bring and share with the class that is related to our weekly topic, please do so.  We will use the item from home during group time and storytime. 

This month we will be celebrating Mothers with Muffins with Mom.  Please join your child for a moment at drop off to share a snack.  We also will be having parent teacher conferences this month.  A sign-up sheet is on our door.  Please pick the time that works best for you.  We are excited to share with you all the things your child has been learning and show you their portfolio.

Thank you for all that you do!  We wish you a great May!

Ms. Heather and Ms. Chea