Sentries Newsletter East: April 2014


31-4    Flowers/Plants     Rr/13

7-11    WOTYC       Jj/14

14-18    Bubbles      Xx/15

21-25    Earth         Qq/16

28-2    Weather    Uu/17

**We will have our Spring party and Egg Hunt of Friday, April 18th. Please watch for a sign-up sheet if you would like to bring something to our party.


Recap of March

What silly days we had in March! Dr. Seuss week was full of rhymes and interesting stories. Thank you all for participating!  We had some interesting items for our green tasting party, which I’m sure you have all heard about!        

Time to Check Cubbies        

It’s FINALLY that time of year we have been waiting for! With that being said, please take time during drop off or pick-up to check your child’s cubby. Make sure there is an extra set of clothes (weather appropriate), a jacket, and most everyone already has mud boots. Please help us keep the cubbies organized and take home things that do not need to be here. (Papers, hats, gloves, toys, etc.)   

Field Trips      

We will begin taking field trips throughout the rest of the school year. Sign-up sheets will be posted.  Be sure to sign-up so your child has permission to go.  We ask that you apply sunscreen at home before they come to school. We also encourage any of you to join us at any time. We would love to have you!

***Please send in a white t-shirt by April 7th. Thank you!!