Pixies Newsletter South: March 2014

Dear Pixies’ parents,

We are hoping that Spring will be soon be here!!  We are so ready to be outside on the playground and taking stroller rides.  As a reminder, when we go on our playground, the mats, if wet or damp, will stain the children’s clothes.  Please, if you would like to send extra pants to put over top of your child’s good clothes, do so.  We know if their good clothes get color on them from the mats, it will not come out.

Dates to remember: 1st Jack’s birthday

5th Gabe’s birthday

9th Daylight Saving Time Begins; Spring forward

17th St. Patrick’s Day; remember to wear green

20th Spring Begins

We hope that everyone enjoyed Sweets With Your Sweetie.  This is just one of the Academy’s super annual events.

We have said goodbye to Shivi and John who have moved to the Pages class.  We welcome Jack, Gabe and Kavir. They are all transitioning well in our class.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns about anything in our class.  Thanks for all you do as parents.


Audrey, Staci, Catherine and Emily