Knights and Maidens Newsletter East: March 2014

Themes and Letter of the Week

March 3         Dr. Seuss; Dd/Cc

March 10       Community Helpers; Ii/Kk

March 17       St. Patrick’s; Gg/Oo

March 24       Spring; Ww

March 31       Dinosaurs; Mm

Dates to Remember

9th– Daylight Savings Time Begins

17th– St. Patrick’s Day

20th – First Day of Spring

St. Patrick’s Day

The week of March 17 will be our St. Patrick’s week. We will be having a Green party on Friday, March 21st. Look for a signup sheet on the door if you would like to bring something.

Family Boards

We are missing a few family boards in our classroom.  The link between school and home is very important to us.  We encourage all children to have a family board at school to look at as well as helping them adjust to new settings.  Please ask if you need poster board to make your child’s Family Board. 

Spring is Coming!

We are looking forward to warm weather!  Please remember that we go outside every day possible.  With spring weather comes rain, so please make sure your child has spare clothes as well as being appropriately dressed.  Please consider the shoes and coats worn on these days.  Rain boots and jackets are a great idea!

We are looking forward to the month of March as it is going to be a wonderful month.  Please let us know if you have any questions, as we are always happy to answer.

Ms. Katie, Ms. Stephanie, and Ms. Steph