Pages Newsletter East: February 2014

January Recap:

Thank you parents for bringing in baby pictures for our baby unit!  The children loved looking at their pictures and sharing them with their friends.  It’s amazing how much they have grown.  Pictures are in your child’s cubbie to take home.

Rory  has joined our class from the Pixies!  We have had fun showing her our classroom and all the fun things we do in the Pages room.

In January we learned about babies, people around the world, transportation, and author study of Bernette Ford.

February in the Pages

We will be studying farm animals, Valentine’s Day, shapes, and jobs. We have many fun activities planned for our friends to explore, play with, and learn during this month!

If your child has a book or toy they would like to bring and share with the class that is related to our weekly topic, please do so.  We will use the item from home during group time and storytime. 

February 14th , Valentine’s Day, we will be celebrating with “Sweets with your sweetie”.  Please join your child from 700-9 am and have a snack.  What a great start to the day!

Important Dates in February

  • 2/14 Sweets with Your Sweetie (700-9am)
  • 2/17 Closed (Training Day/Presidents’ Day)

Thank you for all that you do!  We wish you a great February!

Ms. Heather and Ms. Chea