Pixies Newsletter East: December 2013

November Recap-

November was a busy month and went by so fast.  We have enjoyed getting to know our new friends, and are looking forward to welcomingFrancesca we want to thank everyone who participated in the Thanksgiving Feast!

Coming in December-

This month we will focus on exploration through the arts. We will experience different types of paints, markers, crayons and chalk, as well as work on the performing arts, such as dancing. We will be exposing children to different senses that come along with the arts, such as the feel and textures of different media, as well as sounds of beautiful music, and the movement and rhythm of dance. We hope the children will enjoy the various experiences we hope to provide.

The performing arts aspect will also relate to the Nutcracker performance on December 12. This performance should be a lot of fun for the whole family, as you will get to see your little ones on stage with their classmates!

We will also continue to work on communication skills. We will do this through the use of sign language and verbalization of their correlating words. This helps children communicate with others when they do not yet have the verbal words for what they would like to express.

Special Days In December

Nutcracker performance is Dec.12th

Dec. 13th will be pajama day

December 24th and 25th Academy closed for Christmas holiday

January 1st Academy closed for New Year’s day