Sprites Newsletter East: November 2013

What October Brought Us:

  • In October we welcomed Roselynn to our class as Ava moved up to Pixies!
  • A lot of our friends started rolling over this month!
  • We had a great picture day and can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures!
  • Everyone is just growing and learning so much; it’s really exciting to see!

Upcoming Dates:

  • November 22: Academy Feast
  • November 28 and 29: Academy closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • December 2and 6: Parent/ Teacher Conferences
  • December 12: Nutcracker

What to look forward to in the classroom duringNovember:

  • We will be exploring different shapes in various sizes.
  • We will read some books that have textures and flaps.
  • We will also be doing some finger painting to improve our fine motor skills!
  • In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday we’ll make some fun turkeys to decorate with!