Holiday Time

Our classroom routines, expectations, and schedules are consistent day to day.  We may occasionally have a guest speaker or field trip to enrich the learning day for our students.  It is important for those times to discuss expectations with our students so they are clear on what behaviors we want to see.  Some things will be the same (we will use safe hands,) and others will be specific to the occasion (we can roll down the hill at the park if we take turns.)  You can do the same thing as we enter a time of year when many of us will be travelling to friends’ and relatives’ homes for parties and special meals.  You may want to remind your children that Grandma likes quiet inside voices in the living room and the couch is for sitting.  Have these discussions before the occasion arises and give them pre-corrects just before the meal or event.  “Yes, you may be excused.  Thank you for asking.  Remember to use inside voices while you are playing.” Enjoy your children and safe travels!