Sentries Newsletter East: Sept. 2013


Welcome to a new school year! We are so glad each of you are a part of our classroom! We have a lot of fun activities planned this year which will include a lot of family involvement. Please feel free to contact one of us at any time with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Themes For The Month:Important Dates:

September 2-6    All About Me   (M, #1)

September 2- Closed for Labor Day

September 4- Back to School Night 6-7p.m.

September 8- Grandparent’s Day

September 9-13    Grandparents    (T, #2)

September 16-20          Apples (F, #3)

September 23-27    Fall (H, #4)

September 30-4    Family (A, #5)


We just want to remind all of our families of a few things we will need for the new school year. Make sure you have at least one set of extra clothing, because accidents do happen! Also, if they do not already have an extra pair of “outside mud shoes or boots,” they would be a great thing to have to keep our classroom clean. Please check your parent folder nightly, as there may be something your child would like to take home. Water cups are recommended for when our friends get thirsty. Please make sure you take them home nightly to be sanitized.