Being Specific

In our classrooms, giving specific positive feedback is a crucial part of our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.  If children never receive the attention and praise for meeting our desired expectations, they will not have any incentive to continue those behaviors.  Children will often engage in negative behaviors merely as an attention seeking device when other means haven’t gotten them what they want.  If your child remembered to wash their hands before sitting down at the table for dinner, tell them, “Hey, thanks for being responsible!”  If your child took your hand before crossing the street, “Thanks for keeping yourself safe near the street.”  By giving them the attention they need for the things we really want them to be doing, we should see an increase in the frequency of those behaviors.  Making it a point to notice the great things our children are doing might help keep your evenings and weekends positive and keep you feeling good about parenting as well.  Enjoy your children!