Pages Newsletter East: August 2013

We studiedstars and stripes, at the zoo, fish, and senses! We’ve enjoyed showing our new friends what we do in the Pages classroom.  Our days have been filled will books, wagon rides, art, splashing in the water table, sign language, and learning self-help skills.

The annual Academy Picnic is coming soon, and we hope everyone will be able to join us.  It’s such a nice chance for families, children, and teachers to spend time together outside of the classroom setting. Fridays we will continue to have water play.  We enjoy splashing in the water on these hot days as we try to beat the heat! We will be studying birds, colors, dinosaurs, and an author study of Karen Katz.We wish you a happy August.

Important Dates in August:

  • 8-16 Academy Picnic 6-8pm
  • 8-24 Aadi&Advay’s 2nd Birthday
  • 9-2  Labor Day (closed)

Ms. Heather and Ms. Danee