Positive Reinforcement

We award Crowning Moments to our students for achievement, positive attitude, and appropriate behavior.  We may give these to our students for the first time they go in the potty or for helping a friend that had accidently dumped the crayons.  We try to make it a mini-celebration when recognizing the good that they do.  You can do this too, by showing it is a big deal to you at home when your child has gotten a Crowning Moment. You may have your own system you adopt at home.  These don’t have to be material rewards, but it may be an extra book read to them that night, they get to pick what you have for dinner, or maybe the family can have a dance party 30 minutes before bed.  Our goal is for your child to have the intrinsic motivation of being safe, kind, and responsible.  Having good emotions associated with doing so can help build that connection.  Enjoy your children!