Pixies Newsletter East: May 2013

April was a month with a lot of cool and rainy days when the Pixies enjoyed reading and singing inside. On the sunny and warm days we went outside to walk and ride in the stroller. While we were out, we took time to stop and smell the flowers and trees that were in bloom. The Pixies used all of their senses to experience spring. The week of the young child was filled with fun activities that kept us busy.

This month we will be exploring more sensory activities both indoors and outdoors. As the weather begins to warm we will have water and sand play outside. We will also provide sensory experiences for children with food and textures, such as Jell-O, pudding, cooked spaghetti noodles, shredded paper, fabric pieces and more. These different types of sensory activities allow for the use of senses, such as, touch, taste, and smell. They also allow for fine motor development as children develop and refine the use of their fingers, wrists, and tongue.

We look forward to introducing new books to children that have the “touch and feel” components, such as soft fur on a dog, or rough textures on grass. The Pixies really enjoy these types of books, and it will be a great way to incorporate literacy and sensory experiences. We look forward to a great month in the Pixies room!

Please apply sunscreen to your child each morning before coming in and we will reapply as needed the rest of the day, thanks. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

Special Days in May

May 10- Muffins with Mom

May 12 – Mother’s Day

May14 & 16 – Parent Teacher Conferences

May 27 – Academy closed for Memorial Day

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!


Mrs. Bunny, Ms. Gabrielle, & Mrs. Ming