Sentries Newsletter East: April 2013

March was a fun month. We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday, set leprechaun traps, ate lots of green food and welcomed in spring with crafts, a party, an egg hunt and a visit from the bunny. Thank you to all who helped make this month so much fun.

At the Academy of Early Childhood Learning centers we will be celebrating the Week of the Young Child the week of April 14th.  This event, started by the NAEYC or National Association for the Education of Young Children is meant to focus public attention on the needs of young children.  Sometimes as parents, it’s easy to let the myriad of life’s challenges push children’s needs to the back burner.  This month, let’s challenge ourselves to plan special activities to do with your children or even just make a conscious effort to include your young child in the necessary tasks around the house.  Children can be great little helpers, but even when the “help” makes things take longer, you are strengthening the bond you have and are helping to shape your child’s development in self-help, problem solving, and cause and effect areas, as well as building their character. Special activities can be tough to plan and are sometimes expensive, but childhood is a relatively small window of time to share these experiences, so let’s make it count!  For more ideas, please see your parent article for this month.

As the weather is (hopefully) getting warmer and the days are getting longer we are reminded that summer is just around the corner. As we begin to think about summer we would like to tell you what the Sentries classroom has planned for the summer. We will be having a summer of science exploration. We will be exploring and learning through classroom exploration, field trips and fun in the outdoors. Some of our themes will be earth, water, weather, food, ooey gooey, animals and our bodies. A few of the field trips we may go on include Stephens Lake Park, Walk About Acres, HyVee, Vet office, and library. We hope you will be able to join us for a summer full of fun, exploration and learning.

Week                             Theme                   Letter & Number

1-5                                  Ooey Gooey            Rr           10

8-12                                Recycling                Jj            12

15-19                               WOYC                      Xx          15

22-26                               Earth                      Qq           13

29-May 3                Flowers/Plants         Uu           20


As always if you have any questions please let us know.

Ms. Shannon and Ms. Jennifer