Lords and Ladies Newsletter South: March 2013

Well there was so much love in the air during the month of February.  We had so much fun with hearts and candies.  The kids all really enjoyed the Valentine’s Day party.  Thank you to all the parents who contributed to make our party so fun.  It’s a shame the L&L did not win the door contest.  But, you win some, you lose some.

March will be just as exciting.  There is a very fun, but naughty, leprechaun that likes to play tricks in light of St. Patrick’s Day.  We will be learning about jungle animals, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, looking for signs of the changing season, and having fun with eggs, chicks, and bunnies.  We will also have an egg hunt during our spring party.  The date and time for that will be announced closer to time.  There is usually a surprise furry guest during that party.

Mark Your Calendar

Day Light Savings Time March 10th_Remember to leap forward!!!

 St. Patrick’s Day- March 17th _(We will celebrate Friday March 15th)

 Spring Party- March 26th 3pm-(Watch the window for a sign up)