Lords and Ladies Newsletter South: February 2013

Well, January was nothing short of busy.  The kids all enjoyed our fun learning about Jan Brett, celebrating the 100th day of our school year, and Transportation.

February will be just as full of exciting learning opportunities. To start the month off, we will explore the teeth we have in our mouths and how to keep them sparkling.  We will also celebrate Groundhogs Day, the Chinese New Year of the Snake, Mardi Gras, and Valentine’s Day.  We will also pay tribute to our country’s Presidents both past and present as we learn about all of the wonderful community helpers who make our country run.

We would really like each child to get as much out of our program as possible.  We encourage you to bring your child to school for as many activities as possible.  An active and consistent schedule helps children in many positive ways.  Please remember, morning snack ends at 9am when circle time starts. A copy of our daily schedule is located in the bottom right corner.  Thank You!

Sweets With Your Sweetie and Class Valentine’s Party February 14th

 Academy closed Presidents’ Day February 18th for Staff Professional Development Training

Once again, there have been some changes to our class.  We are now saying goodbye to our friends, Eli, Ella Rose, Emma, and Avery.  They will be joining the Squires for the next leg of their learning journey. As some friends move on, other friends will be moving on up.  Kyleigh and Quinn will be joining us from the Jesters.  We are very excited to welcome them to our class. In January, we also had a new friend join us.  Aaliyah joined our Academy family and is getting settled in perfectly.

With all of the changes with the kids, Ms. Michelle will be taking some time off from teaching music and focusing on our class.  Mrs. Andrea from the Knights& Maidens will fill in the Music Teacher role.

Ms. Michelle, Ms. Sarah, and Ms. Kelsey