Pixies Newsletter East: January 2013

We want to welcome two new friends from the Sprites room. Oliver and Kate will be joining us this month. We had a fun-filled month in December! We are so happy with the participation we had from our class in the Nutcracker…the children made very cute little snowflakes! We also want to thank parents for the holiday gifts and goodies that were brought in; they were very thoughtful, and much appreciated! We hope everyone had very happy holidays!

This month we will focus on literacy and language as our children begin to develop their communication skills. We hope to provide a rich learning environment by having available many developmentally appropriate books for children to explore, both individually and with teachers. By being read to on a regular basis, young children can learn how to talk by listening to the inflections and speech patterns in our voices as we read to them.

Sharing books with young children also helps keep them engaged in a learning activity and helps them practice their listening skills.  Since many of our children in our class range from ages 12- 16 months they like to actively participate with books by pointing to pictures they like, and often “asking” about them. We will work with children by repeating simple words for them, as well as talk about other things we notice throughout the book, such as animals and the sounds they make, or specific colors of objects. These are also great things to work with children on when you are reading at home!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please let us know!

January 21 – Academy closed for Staff Training

February 18- Academy closed for Staff Training

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Mrs. Bunny, Ms. Gabrielle, & Mrs. Ming