What is PBS and how can we use it at home?

We are entering into our seventh year using Positive Behavior Support to handle classroom management issues. We like to share monthly tidbits so you can have a better understanding of how P.B.S. works at school as well as how you can adapt it to behaviors at home. Some will be informational while others will provide possible strategies you can use at home. Maintaining consistency between home and school will enhance each child’s understanding of appropriate behavior. One of the easiest and most effective strategies we use is called the “pre-correct.” Simply stated you correct an anticipated misbehavior by stating your expectations before the behavior occurs. Ex) I will read one book and then I will kiss you good night and turn out the light. By telling the children what you expect them to do, you can avoid a great deal of negatives. (no, don’t, stop, etc.) If you have any specific difficulties that you would like help strategizing, please let us know. Mrs. Barb Horst our Behavior Specialist and our PBS team are here for you!