Dukes and Duchesses Newsletter East: September 2012

The Dukes and Duchesses had a wonderful August as we said goodbye to summer. We enjoyed many of the field trips in the final weeks of our summer. We were able to spend some time at Oakland pool because of the Lake of the Woods closing, which the kids seemed to embrace. The Dukes and Duchesses also got to spend some time at the Mud Room in downtown Columbia. The children got to make their very own tiles and as a group they created a plate that has everyone’s fingerprints on it. The plate looks awesome and is in the classroom for everyone to see!

Now that school is back in session, the children and I are adjusting to our schedule change. I have taken over as the afternoon teacher, while Ms. Lexi is the new morning teacher. We are very pleased to have Ms. Lexi as a new addition to our classroom and are excited to start sharing part of our day with her! Since we are back in school in the afternoons, I would be happy to offer homework help to students in need. Please let me know if you are interested in homework help for your child, so I can make adjustments to our afternoon schedule.


Ms. Paige & Ms. Lexi