Sprites Newsletter East: August 2012

Summer is coming to an end and hopefully so is the extreme heat! The Sprites are spending a lot of time inside but we try to get out as much as possible in the mornings! We have enjoyed our water play with the Pixie room and loved the bubble blower Ms. Katie made for us!

It has been so exciting seeing many of our friends start to roll over and several more sit up on their own! We have a couple who are even moving around the room!

Important Dates:

August 10th– Annual Academy Picnic

The Picnic is at 6pm at our East location. Please join us! There will be food, fun and games!

August 20th– Our new school year begins.

September 3rd– Academy closed in observance of Labor Day.

We are very excited for the Annual Picnic at our East location. Sprites have some very young infants in our classroom now and the older children have been very curious about them. We have been working with “gentle touch” and “safe hands” when we are getting to know the new babies.  We are excited to see some babies start on baby food and work on bringing puffs to their mouth! It is always exciting trying new things!