Knights and Maidens Newsletter East: August 2012

Week                      Theme                              Letter

30-3                          Oceans                                 Review

6-10                          Deserts                                 Review

13-17                     Transportation                    Review

20-24                     Cooperation/Team work      M/#1

27-31                     Rules, Safety, Manners       T/#2

Important Dates for August:

*Aug. 10th –Academy Picnic 6-8p.m.

*Aug. 20th -New school year starts as well as the beginning of phase 1.

*Sept. 3rd – Closed for Labor Day

It’s time for some of our friends to move up and become Sentries. We have really enjoyed working with each and every one of these kids! We have seen them all grow and learn so much! We will miss them, but also know that they will do very well in the Sentries! We also want to welcome some of our new friends that will be moving up from the L+L! We are so excited to get to know all of you!

Have a great August!

Ms. Tricia, Ms. Ellen, & Ms. Jess