Spartans Newsletter South: July 2012

July has approached quickly and the heat is on! We have been on many field trips so far and have many more coming our way. With such field trips as the pool and other outdoor activities our main concern is keeping the children protected from the sun and hydrated. Please make sure that your child has a water bottle and sun screen to keep at the Academy. Also we have been making good progress towards our reading goal. Please keep encouraging them to read and give them positive feedback when you see them take on self initiation with their reading.

Events in July:

7/4 Academy Closed

7/11  Lily Abraham’s Birthday

7/25 Lexi Fincham’s Birthday

7/26 Cardinal’s vs. Dodger’s Game

7/28 Jillian Larkin’s Birthday

8/10 Annual Academy Picnic


*We have made the July field trip schedule and calendar, please make sure you receive one and if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to talk to us!



Kaila, Steve, and Paige