Lords and Ladies Newsletter East: March 2012

February Happening

The Lords and Ladies loved learning about the body during the month of February.  We talked about bones and how they hold the body up.  The following week we studied muscles, learning about their function and physical characteristics.  During Valentine’s week the class talked about the heart and lungs while learning about the brain the following week.  The children displayed great enthusiasm for the topics this past month.  We also enjoyed our Valentine’s party.  Thank you to everyone for contributing to help make the party fun and memorable for our class.  As we move into the month of March, we are looking forward to learning about a variety of topics as we celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, explore the five senses, explore and identify the color green in our environment, focus on numbers, and learn of a variety of community helpers.


 The Lords and Ladies classroom would like to welcome some new friends to our class.  Connor, Liv, and Kai joined our class at the end of February.  We are excited to continue learning with our new friends!

St. Patrick’s Day

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day we will be exploring the color green from a new perspective each day.  We will end the week with a green parade at school.  The children are invited to wear green to school on Friday.  We will also be having a green party Friday afternoon.  Please feel free to attend this event with your child.  I will be posting a sign-up sheet on the classroom door if you would like to bring in a green treat for the party.  Please, however, do not feel obligated to do so.


Important Dates to Remember

March 11th – Daylight Savings Time Begins…Spring Ahead an Hour

March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day

March 20th – First Day of Spring

Dr. Seuss Week

We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday the week of February 27th through March 2nd.  As a part of this celebration, we will be having a variety of activities each day.  Below you will find each day’s special activity.


Monday: PJ Day and Crazy Hat Day

Tuesday: Bring a Dr. Seuss book to school

Wednesday: Green Eggs and Ham Day

Thursday: Stripes Day

Friday: Silly Sock Day and Cat in the Hat Ice Cream Day

We are looking forward to a fun-filled week as we learn about Dr. Seuss!

The Lords and Ladies have enjoyed studying about the body this past month!  As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak with us or Mr. Jordan.

~ Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Jessica