Sentries Newsletter East: January 2012

We have had a wonderful, fun-filled month of December. Along with travels around the world, we participated in The Nutcracker and said goodbye to our friend Haden.  Thank you to all of our families for helping get ready for The Nutcracker and for the wonderful presents for our classroom.  We have entered the count down to Kindergarten and will be practicing lots of our academics (letters, numbers, etc.) throughout the coming months.  As we do this, we ask that you remember that each child learns at their own pace and we are all here to make sure they feel successful as they try.  An “I can try” attitude is very important for everyone.  This month we will be working on remembering our addresses, so please encourage your child to notice things along the way to school and home as well as their address. We wish Ms. Shannon and Karsten a Happy birthday on January 28th.  We also wish Ms. Zoë who keeps us all well fed, a happy birthday on January 20th.

*The Academy will be closed on January 16th for teacher training.


January 2rd –New Year/Name writing/#11/addresses

January 9th-Asia/Dd/#12/addresses

January 16th-Friendship/Gg/#13/addresses

January 23rd-ChineseNew Year/Cc/#14/addresses

January 30th-Travel to Europe/Ii


Please remember to check your child’s folder, cubby, and mailbox each day.  At this time of year it is especially important to remember hats, gloves, and a warm coat. We ask that you leave boots for those days we go out and play in the snow as well. (Don’t forget regular shoes for inside time).  We look forward to continuing the exciting journey towards Kindergarten and watching your child develop. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Ms. Ginnie & Ms. Shannon