Jesters Newsletter South: November 2011

Special Events

Parent conference: November17 th and 18th 12:30-2:30p:m Sign up sheet is on the door.

November 24th and   25th Academy closed for Thanksgiving.

December 13th Nutcracker.

December 23th and 26th Academy closed.

January 2nd 2012 Academy closed.

This year  the Thanksgiving feast will be held on November 17th . I am sure our cook Teresa  will make a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. All parents are invited. Please come and enjoy our Thanksgiving feast.

Welcome to November:

First, I want to thank all the parents for their helpful ways, eagerness for involvement and for the positive comments.



Native Indians



Some of our upcoming letters that we will be learning  about are ,Mm, Tt, Ff, Hh, Aa, Nn

In November we will sing “Falling Leaves”, “Five Waiting Pumpkins” “This is the way we rake the leaves”.


*Please check your child’s folder daily. There is always something important inside.

*We appreciate everything you do!

Have a wonderful November.

Mrs. Kanthi Jayaratne and Miss Ashley