Sprites Newsletter East: October 2011

Looking Back:

Ms Becky is having so much fun getting to know everyone in the room. It is clear we have some very happy babies this year and they are growing so fast! We have some that are showing their independence in wanting to do things on their own. We have one who, once she decided to start moving around the room, hasn’t stopped since and another who loves to interact and is recognizing familiar faces!

Looking Ahead:

We are hoping for nice fall weather this year so we can spend some time outside playing and going on walks! We are excited for our upcoming activities including the homecoming parade and the Academy Boo Blast. You are welcome to join the fun on Halloween!

Important Dates:

October Picture Day- October 12

October Homecoming Parade- Information to be provided at a later date!


Friday October 28 Boo Blast- Information to be provided at a later date!

Everyone is very interested in families and faces. If you have not had a chance to make a family board please do so. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate is ask! Please check under your child’s crib to make sure they have some fall weather clothes. Also, please bring a jacket. We are very excited about our upcoming fall activities!

Ms. Becky and Ms. Cheryl