Dukes and Duchesses Newsletter East: September 2011

We certainly had a spectacular August as we said goodbye to summer.  The month started out great with the annual Academy Picnic, a friend reports: “This year the Academy Picnic was a success.  We had a bounce house, sno-cones and cotton candy.  We even had a water slide!!”

We also enjoyed many a field trip in the final weeks of our summer.  Some of the highlights were taking a tour of Hy-Vee, where we got to witness what really goes on behind the scenes at a major grocery store.  Additionally, we went to the Candy Factory where we got to see how they make some of their products, but perhaps the best part of that trip was the chocolate covered Oreos we got to enjoy upon our return to the Academy – talk about YUM!!!

Not surprisingly, the children were completely OK with the Lake of the Woods closing when it did as that meant we got to go to Oakland pool instead, which is definitely the preferred swim hole of D&D.  They also seemed to thoroughly enjoy our ‘So Long to Summer’ theme week and it was fun to have a classroom filled with pirates, superheroes, and funky tye-dyed shirts.  Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed our class picnic at Shelter Gardens and the kids seemed to as well – that place is truly magnificent!!

Now that school is back in session, the children and I are adjusting to our changed schedule.  Some parents have mentioned that they would like for me to offer homework help in the afternoon, which I am happy to oblige, but I will need some more feedback from you all before I can make any adjustments to our schedule.  It is my understanding that all the kids, regardless of grade, are expected to spend some time reading each night.  I also understand, that for the older children, homework for the week is assigned on Monday and due on Thursday(?). If this is the case, I was considering implementing a mandatory 15 minute reading/homework block after school Monday-Thursday, adding on an additional 15 minutes twice a week for the older students who have more actual homework than my younger students.  Your thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, I will be out of the classroom the afternoon of the 20th through the 27th.  I have started to discuss this with the kids so that they are prepared, but just wanted to give you the heads up as well.

See you  in the classroom!!

Miss Remy

P.S. I want to send a special THANK YOU to Miss Stephanie – she was such a great addition to our classroom and field trips and we here in D&D already miss sharing part of our day with her.


Important Dates:

Sept. 5th: Academy closed in observance of Labor Day

Sept. 7th: Open House; 6:30-7:30

A Joke, by a D&D Friend:

Two skunks went on a walk.  One started to dance. Back home, the dancing skunk asked, “Do you like my dancing?” The other skunk answered – “It stinks!!”