Sprites Newsletter East: August 2011

Looking Back:

Summer is coming to an end. There have been some very large veggies coming out of the garden, and we loved Ms. Zoey’s zucchini bread. We are proud to say that a child is pulling up and standing one handed, another is scooting, and lastly one is sitting up and reaching for materials confidently! We have been attending water play with the Pixies and it has been great. Most of the children really enjoy it and for the younger ones we use squirt bottles and wet washcloths. The fish tank has also been a large source of entertainment, the older children who like to crawl on top of it and look inside.

Important Dates:

August 5th– Annual Academy Picnic

The Picnic is at 6pm at our East location. Please join us! There will be food, fun and games!

August 8th – Lillie’s 1st Birthday!!!

Looking Ahead:

We are very excited for the Annual Picnic at our East location. Sprites have some very young infants in our classroom now and the older children have been very curious about them. We have been working with “gentle touch” and “safe hands” when we are getting to know the new babies. We will have a new lead teacher in the Sprites classroom in the middle of August! We are excited for a new teacher and a chance to see new and exciting activities they might plan. Ms. Cheryl will also be moving back into the Sprites classroom! We would also like to welcome J.T. to our class!