Lords and Ladies Newsletter South: August 2011

It’s been a hot but fun summer in the Lords and Ladies.  Despite the heat we had two fun field trips.  We are trying our hardest to get in our outdoor time when we can.  We have been working hard on our counting and our number recognition.  We are also working on our listening ears, how to line up,and stay in line using safe, kind, and responsible bodies.

August 1-5 –    Camping, Color Review
August 8-12 –  Walk Like an Egyptian, Shape Review
August 15-19 – Asia, Letter Review
August 22-26 – Cool School, Letter M

For the month of August (beginning August 5) we will have water play on Friday mornings at 10:00.

August 5 is the Academy Picnic, which will be held at Academy East.  The picnic is free fun for the whole family and starts at 6 PM.  The address is 9 Dorado Drive.

September 5 the Academy will be closed in honor of Labor Day.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Sara