Dukes & Duchesses Newsletter East: August 2011

I can’t believe it is already August – time really DOES fly when you are having fun!  Despite all the varied field trips we take, our regularly scheduled trips to the pool and Stephen’s Lake continue to be a class favorite.  My friends’ water abilities are improving everyday – both Katie and Roland passed the swim test and Maggie will be right there with them before too long.  Tyler was also a source of inspiration at the pool this month; after watching a group of teenagers show off their flipping abilities on the diving boards, he decided to “just go for it – and it worked!!” (His words to me about trying to flip for the first time.)

We also enjoyed trips to the Columbia Fire Department, (where Sydnee most enjoyed getting to explore inside the fire truck), Walk-About-Acres, (where we got to see emus and peacocks and even made our very own beeswax candle), Empire Roller Rink, (where my friends learned that staying up-right atop four wheels is easier said then done), and the MU Dairy Farm, (where Amity delighted in having a calf suck on her finger).

There was also a plethora of fun to be found right here at the Academy.  We had an indoor carnival one day, complete with face-painting.  Amber showed her creative side when she requested that I paint her face “like a crazy colored Dalmation”.  Another day we decided to beat the heat by having a limbo competition in the sprinkler and both Jessica and Matthew were able to get impressively low.

We also have been working on trying “to be like a duck”, letting small grievances roll off our backs instead of getting upset with our friends.  Nathan, Joe and Hunter must have been ducks themselves in a previous life; the three of them consistently make me proud with their diplomatic and kind manner in which they interact with their peers.

Finally, we closed out the month with the classic egg-drop experiment, which we met with egg-ceptional success. Jessica reports: “The egg drop was a blast.  Some of our eggs did break, some of them didn’t.  Miss Remy went 15 feet high and dropped each of our egg projects down.”  Expect to see far more reporting by the students in next month’s newsletter – they all seem very excited by this idea. Until then, keep on smiling — goodness knows we all will be here in the Dukes and Duchesses’ classroom.


Miss Remy


Important Dates:

Aug. 5th: Academy Picinic

Aug. 9th: Maggie’s Birthday

Aug. 11th: Sydnee’s Birthday

Aug. 18th: CPS first day of school