Sprites Newsletter East: July 2011

Looking Back:

It has been a mix of hot weather and storms. We practice our tornado and fire drill every month and are always prepared to get your children to safety. Please ask if you are unsure of where we go or how your child exits the classroom. As an activity last month we painted body art on the deck; it is hanging over the parent folders. We have two children who are pulling up and one who is almost sitting up. Go Sprites! A lot of our children are eating baby food and some are trying table food! Doughnuts for Dad was great fun, thank you to all the Father’s who could attend. We also hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day and we are so grateful for the role you play in your child’s life.

Looking Ahead:

It is July! Hope you all have a safe and fun 4th. This month we will be working with mat towers, textured bubbles (on the door), and finger foods. We played outside in the grass last month and will continue to do so; some of our friends loved the texture of the grass. I have been encouraging the children to mimic each other. It has been great. They are making mouth noises, kicking their feet and dancing to music and singing. We will be practicing rolling balls both outside and inside.


Important Dates:

July 4th– Academy Closed

August 5th– Annual Academy Picnic

The Picnic is at 6pm at our East location. Please join us!




Kate, is going to be a Pixie!

Happy Birthday:

Kate 7/7

Kensie 7/30