Knights and Maidens Newsletter East: May 2011

Week                Theme                    Letter

2-6                   Mothers                           Jj

9-13              Outer Space                     Xx

16-20           Scissors/Cutting            Qq

23-27            Animals                            Uu

30-3              My 5 Senses                Review

Muffins With Mom

Please join us on Friday, May 6th, from 7-9a.m. at drop off, to eat a muffin with your child.

Field Trips!

We have a field trip planned once a week in May. Please watch for sign-ups on our door.

Time to Check the Cubbies!

It’s that time again for the weather to start changing. Please check your child’s cubby and make sure they have an extra outfit that will be weather appropriate in case an accident should happen. Also, mud boots and a light jacket for in the morning would be a great thing to have.


*Parent Teacher Conferences will be held May 9-11. A sign up sheet is posted.

*May 8th-Mother’s Day

*We will be closed on May 30th, for Memorial Day. Enjoy your time off!

Have a great May!

Ms. Tricia, Ms. Ellen, Ms. Charlene, and Ms. Stephanie