Jesters Newsletter South: May 2011

Special Events

Parent conference: May 12th and 13th Thursday 12:30PM  -2:30PM and Friday at 12:30PM-2:30PM

Memorial Day-Monday 30th School closed.

Mother’s Day-May 8th

In with May

May – a merry month

A time of busy excitement- wrapping up a wonderful school year, preparing for summer activities and excursions and enjoying the great outdoors.

A time of exploring nature’s treasures- gathering flowers to make May day baskets, walking barefoot through the green grass ,flying  kites, and collecting insects and butterflies.

Jesters are enjoying their classroom. The  children will have music Tuesday and Friday, Language on Monday and   Thursday and  dance 0n  Wednesday . Enrichment classes are from10:20AM-10:40AM each day.


Mother’s Day




Memorial Day

Thanks to all the parents who brought treats to the Spring party.

*We appreciate everything you do!

Have a wonderful May.

Mrs Kanthi, Miss Ashley and Miss Deena