Sprites Newsletter East: April 2011

Looking Back:

The month of March was a busy one. We did utensil paintings, made a rainbow on our door and had two new friends join our class! Our children have really grown and have learned new skills this past month; some are clapping, crawling, scooting, and babbling. There have been geese living by the pond and the children have enjoyed watching them. We also put new photos on the bulletin board please check them out!

Important Dates:

April 1st– April Fools Day

April 11th-15th– Week of the Young Child (Ask Ms. Meghan for details)

April 13th– Parents can come to read a book to our class!!

April 22nd– Academy Egg Hunt

April 24th– Easter

Looking Ahead:

April showers bring May flowers. Playing ball on the deck is in our future. We can’t wait to see the trees and flowers getting ready for Spring. There are now large stacking blocks in our classroom and we will be working on stacking with the older children and grasping the blocks with the younger ones. I also encourage families to tell us one fun fact about your family; something that we don’t know and will help us know you better.

Have a Great April!

Ms. Meghan, and Ms. Cheryl